Classical Pathology Lecture Series


The objective of the lecture series is to gain an overall understanding of the actual processes of differentiation and elimination that have ultimately led to the establishment of classical Chinese medicine pathology.

Ultimately the student gains familiarity with the basic laws of pathogenesis pertaining to the Three Causes [sanyin], Chinese climatologic concepts of the Six Qi, and the application of Yin Yang Differentiation, Six Conformation Differentiation, Four Layer Differentiation, Five Phase Differentiation in the context of the Nineteen Lines on Pathology, and Zangfu Differentiation.

The series is comprised of the following main components:

1) ‘As Above So Below’: yin yang and the internal and external milieus

2) Three Causes: external causes: six qi and six evils

3) Three Causes: external causes epidemics and contagious pathogens

4) Three Causes: internal causes: emotions

5) Three causes: non-internal and non-external causes

6) Yin and Yang Differentiation and Eight Statutes Differentiation

7) Yin and Yang Differentiation: Six Conformation Differentiation of the Shanghan Lun

8) Four Layer Differentiation [wei qi ying xue]: Nutritive [ying] and Blood [xue]

9) The Five Evils [wu xie]

10) The Neijing’s Nineteen lines on Pathology

11) Organ [zangfu] Differentiation


Length: 55 credit hours. Language: English. Format: MP3

Price: $350.00