Acupuncture Along the Six Conformations of the Shanghan Lun


For close to two thousand years, the Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage) has provided the framework for the treatment of externally contracted diseases, based on the six conformations or channels. It has offered Chinese herbal practitioners a range of powerful yet subtle treatments to follow the complex, and sometimes rapid, changes that such diseases manifest. Although the Shanghan Lun does include some
acupuncture treatments, they form a relatively minor part of the text.
Such is the flexible nature of acupuncture, however, that appropriate
treatments can be formulated for the different stages of development of
disease through the six conformations. This article instructs on the
development of a sound point prescription by extrapollating the core
herbal formulas of the Shanghan Lun, allowing a more streamlined
interaction between acupuncture and herbal treatment.

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