Chinese Medicine Formulas Lecture Series


This course is university-level integral instruction in Chinese medicine formulas. The total series covers 62 credit hours of teaching on the basic parameters of Chinese medicine formulaic science as well as provides in-depth instruction in 70 core prescriptions commonly used in contemporary clinic.

Dr. Versluys' instructions go beyond the conventional textbook instruction and are rooted in the Han-dynasty classics while continuously referring to everyday clinical practice. Formulas are explained from six conformations, zangfu, four layers, and five flavors perspectives as appropriate. Also included are valuable instructions in effective clinical modifications of formulas.

The course content is as following:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Science of Formulas

Chapter 2: The history of the Science of Formulas

Chapter 3: Formula and therapeutic method

Chapter 4: The composition of formulas

Chapter 5: Forms of administration

Chapter 6: Preparation and ingestion

Chapter 7: Various Categories of Formulas

7.1. Surface Relieving Formulas

7.1.1. Pungent and Warm Surface Relieving Formulas

7.1.2. Pungent and Cool Surface Relieving Formulas

7.1.3. Surface Relieving and Interior Strengthening Formulas

7.2. Purgatives

7.2.1. Cool Purgatives

7.2.2. Warm Purgatives

7.2.3. Moistening Purgatives

7.3. Harmonizing Formulas

7.3.1. Harmonizing Shaoyang Formulas

7.3.2. Horizontally Harmonizing Formulas

7.3.3. Vertically Harmonizing Formulas

7.4. Heat Clearing Formulas

7.4.1. Qi Layer Heat Clearing Formulas

7.4.2. Nutritive Layer Heat Clearing Formulas

7.4.3. Blood Layer Heat Clearing Formulas

7.4.4. Toxic Heat Clearing Formulas

7.4.5. Individual Organ Heat Clearing Formulas

7.4.6. Deficiency Heat Clearing Formulas

7.5. Warming Formulas

7.5.1. Taiyin Warming Formulas

7.5.2. Shaoyin Warming Formulas

7.5.3. Jueyin Warming Formulas

7.6. Tonics

7.6.1. Qi Tonics

7.6.2. Blood Tonics

7.6.3. Qi and Blood Tonics

7.6.4. Yin Tonics

7.6.5. Yang Tonics

7.7. Astringing Formulas

7.7.1. Surface Astringing Formulas

7.7.2. Intestine Astringing Formulas

7.7.3. Essence Astringing Formulas

7.7.4. Menses Astringing Formulas

7.8. Calming Formulas

7.8.1. Heavy Sedating Formulas

7.8.2. Nourishing Calming Formulas

7.9. Orifice Opening Formulas

7.9.1. Cooling and Opening Formulas

7.9.2. Warming and Opening Formulas

7.10. Qi Regulating Formulas

7.10.1. Qi Moving Formulas

7.10.2. Qi Descending Formulas

7.11. Blood Regulating Formulas

7.11.1. Blood Moving Formulas

7.11.2. Blood Controlling Formulas

7.12. Wind Dispelling Formulas

7.12.1. External Wind Dispelling Formulas

7.12.2. Internal Wind Dispelling Formulas

7.13. Dryness Moistening Formulas

7.13.1. External Dryness Moistening Formulas

7.13.2. Internal Dryness Moistening Formulas

7.14. Dampness Dispelling Formulas

7.14.1. Dampness Transforming Formulas

7.14.2. Dampness Drying and Heat Clearing Formulas

7.14.3. Water Disinhibiting and Dampness Percolating Formulas

7.14.4. Pathological Cold Water Eliminating Formulas

7.14.5. Wind Dampness Eliminating Formulas

7.15. Phlegm Dispelling Formulas

7.15.1. Phlegm Transforming and Dampness Drying Formulas

7.15.2. Hot Phlegm Clearing and Transforming Formulas

7.15.3. Phlegm Transforming and Dryness Moistening Formulas

7.15.4. Cold Phlegm Warming and Transforming Formulas

7.15.5. Wind phlegm Eliminating Formulas

7.16. Food Digesting Formulas


Length: 62 credit hours. Language: English. Format: MP3

Price: $450.00