Shanghan Lun Jueyin Disease Advanced Course


This lecture series is an advanced instruction in the enigmatic Jueyin diseases of the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue. The Jueyin chapter is the last conformation chapter in the Shanghan Lun and often neglected in conventional instructions. This course addresses not only the Jueyin chapter of the original work, but puts even greater emphasis on the larger concept of Jueyin disease as seen in also the Jingui Yaolue.

The core contents of the course includes:


Jueyin Disease Lecture Series Outline

a) Intro

b) Various Chapters

  1. Biao-Ben-Zhongqi of the Six Conformations
  2. Kai-He-Shu of the Six Conformations
  3. Physiological Aspects of Jueyin
  4. Contraction and Progression of Evils
  5. Pathological Aspects of Jueyin
  6. Jueyin Patterns: Surface, Channel, Bowel
  7. Internal Diseases of Jueyin
    1. Yangming-Jueyin Axis
    2. Taiyin-Jueyin Axis
    3. Taiyang-Jueyin Axis
    4. Shaoyin-Jueyin Axis
    5. Shaoyang-Jueyin Axis
    6. Jueyin Proper Disease

c) Conclusion

The course is a total of 9 credit hours of instruction. Spoken language: English. Format: MP3

Price: $125.00