1) Canonical Chinese Medicine Training Intro: The Practice of Canonical Medicine According to Zhang Zhongjing.


Canonical medicine is the style of medicine grounded in the
main Han-dynasty medical canons or classics. Based hereupon, Zhang Zhongjing’s clinical
style of canonical medicine therefore requires in-depth understanding of nature,
human physiology, pathology, as well as profound familiarity with the Materia
Medica as a given. Though the system is grounded in the philosophy, it waives
any philosophical and theoretical instruction and reference, to allow focus on
the ultimate refinement of clinical skills such as pulse diagnosis and herbal
formulation. These two form the basis for what came to be considered as the
pulse patterns [maizheng] and formula patterns [fangzheng] which are the core
parameters by which the canonical clinician categorizes disease and therapy.


This introductory lecture sinstructs on the SHL preface, the canonical workflow of Zhang Zhongjing, the history of the Jingfang School of Shennong and Yiyin, etc. This is the recordingof a workshop given at the canadian Oriental Medicine Symposium in 2006.

This course is 4 hours of instruction in English. Format: MP3

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