Cough in the SHL

I hope this is not too simple a question, but I am not quite sure what the answer is.  When someone has acute febrile disease with a cough that is productive with yellow sputum, which conformation(s) and formula(s) are indicated?  In non-SHL terms I would usually use things like qing qi hua tan wan if the cough was productive, if the sputum was scanty I would use bai mu gua lou san, etc.  The only formulas that I can think of that treat heat-type coughs would be ma xing gan shi tang or possibly xiao chai hu tang.  If these are the formulas, what are the ZZJ additions to make them suitable for the phlegm heat?  I know XCHT can be modified by adding gan jiang and wu wei zi for cough, but I assume that is for a watery, clear phlegm and not phlegm heat.