The source of Yuan Qi

Hi Arnaud,

First of all, thank you for allowing me to be part of this inspiring forum…I feel like I’m the little kid trying to climb a big mountain here!

Whilst following the forum, I started having many questions, most of them probably very basic, but coming from the discrepancies between the teachings of the classics and TCM.

But here we go, Ill take my chance…

The common TCM consensus is that Yuan Qi is coming from the Kidneys and that the Kidneys are the source of all yin and yang in the body. Would I be right in saying that what you teach is that The Heart Emperor is the source of Yang (which makes so much sense ;-), how does Yuan Qi fit into this then?

Could I kindly ask you to explain why two such different ideas have arisen as I am having trouble understanding this basic principle when there are such contradictory views.

Your time is sincerely appreciated!