Portland SHL Training 2010- Registration Open

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I would hereby like to announce that the registration for the Portland 2010 Shanghan Lun series as part of the Canonical Chinese Medicine Training offered by the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine is open and going strong.

If you haven't regsitered yet, then you have already missed the early bird special. But the registration is still open until the end of February. 

Attached are a detailed program outline, as well as the registration form. Please email me if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Arnaud Versluys and the ICEAM team

Canonical Chinese Medicine Training_SHL Sequence.pdf471.28 KB
2010 Portland SHL Series Registration Form.pdf95.12 KB
SHL_Portland_2010_MonthlyPaymentForm.pdf32.91 KB