Chicago 2011 Canonical Training- Shanghan Lun Sequence- Registrations Now Open!

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the founding of ICEAM's newest branch in the US Midwest: the Chicago Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine CICEAM. The website is under construction at

CICEAM will be offering the integral Shanghan Lun sequence of the Canonical Chinese Medicine Training in Chicago, IL, in 2011. Please see the attachments for further details and registration info.


SHL 1 (Feb 19, 20): The Energetics of the Five Flavors and Zhang Zhongjing Formulas

SHL 2 (Mar 19, 20): The Zhang Zhongjing Herb and Formula Archetypes: The Inner Circle

SHL 3 (Apr 2, 3): The Zhang Zhongjing Herb and Formula Archetypes: The Outer Circle

SHL 4 (May 7, 8): Shanghan Lun Pathophysiology and Basic Patterns

SHL 5 (Jun 25, 26): Shanghan Lun Pulse Diagnosis*

SHL 6 (July 9, 10): Shanghan Lun Abdominal Diagnosis

SHL 7 (Aug 20, 21): Shanghan Lun Formula Families

SHL 8 (Sept 10, 11): Shanghan Lun Formula Modification System + Shanghan Lun Acupuncture

SHL 9 (Oct 15, 16): Shanghan Lun Case Studies

For more information, please refer to the attachments, or email the director Stephen Bonzak at


Chicago ICEAM
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