San Francisco 2011 Canonical Training- Jingui Yaolue Sequence- Registrations Now Open!

It is with pleasure that we are able to announce the opening of the registrations period for the 2011 Jingui Yaolue training series in San Francisco, CA. This will be the second offering of the Jingui series after a successful second offering of the Shanghan series before that. The Shanghan series will end in December, and the new Jingui series will start towards the end of January.

Though the normal Zhang Zhongjing sequence is first Cold Damage and then Complex Diseases, for all people interested in deepening their knowledge of the pathomechanism and treatment of complex, chronic and stubborn diseases, the Jingui training series can be taken as a stand-alone entity. During the course, all chapters and virtually all lines and formulas of the original book will be taught. It is undoubtedly the most in-depth Jingui instruction currently available in the US.

JGYL 1 (Jan 22, 23) : Diseases of the Jingui Yaolue, Part I

JGYL 2 (Feb 26, 27) : Diseases of the Jingui Yaolue, Part II

JGYL 3 (Apr 9, 10) : Jingui Yaolue Pulse Diagnosis*

JGYL 4 (May 14, 15) : Jingui Yaolue Fukushin Abdominal Diagnosis

JGYL 5 (Jun 18, 19) : Jingui Yaolue Case Studies


* Please note that Diseases of the Jingui Yaolue, Part I & II (JGYL1 & JGYL2) are prerequisites for the Jingui Yaolue Pulse Diagnosis (JGYL3) seminar. The Jingui Yaolue Pulse Diagnosis seminar cannot be taken independently.

Different price and registration options are available. Please refer to the registration form for details. Or contact Ben Lee at

Hope to see you in the Bay!



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