How the Spleen rises

To inaguarate this forum I would like to ask a question especially aimed at all the students out there. It is a well known maxim in Chinese Medicine that one of the main functions of the Spleen is to 'raise the clear' from the Stomach upwards to the upper burner. Yet Earth is a Yin substance and the energy of the center acts by remaining in the middle to 'harmonize the four directions'. If we look at Earth in Nature it just looks like 'dirt' (inert and not moving). The question to all of you is; what is it in the Spleen Earth that can 'raise the clear'? Specifically when a patient comes in with a problem relating to the Spleens ability to 'raise the clear' how do we treat this? A further question is; another primary task of the Spleen is to 'transport water around the body', how does this happen?