Official Announcement: 3rd Annual Zeng Rongxiu Shanghan Lun Conference 04/29- 05/01/2011- Mark your calendars!

Registration is open as of 11/09/10 by mailing in the attached form or by registering online at

It is official! We are hereby pleased to announce the dates and program for the 3rd International Shanghan Lun Conference in Portland, OR, hosted by The Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine.

This time around, we will be having a pre-conference seminar day on Friday 04/29/11 with international speakers from both Europe and the US. The main event will be Dr. Zeng teaching during the mornings and a special guest lecturer straight from Chengdu, China, Dr. Wang Huanan. Dr. Zeng is known to all (if not, please click here) Dr. Wang is a Chinese medicine pediatrician by training. She is disciple of Dr. Zeng Rongxiu as well as of the late Dr. Zheng Guanglu, disciple of late Grandmaster Tian Heming. Dr. Wang is now professor at the West-China Health Science University.

3rd Annual Zeng Rongxiu Shanghan Lun Conference Program

Friday 04/29/11- 8.30 AM- 6.30 PM

Pre-Conference Program with National and International Speakers:

  • Michael Max, MAOM, LAc (USA)

"Hu Xishu's View on the Six Conformations of the Shanghan Lun" [THEORY- Foundations]

  • Nadine Zaech. BS, LAc (Switzerland)

"The Treatment of Strange Cases with Shanghan Lun Formulas" [CLINIC- Case Studies]

  • Gerhard Schwestka, MD, DO (Austria)

"The Relationship Between Taiyang and Shaoyin Conformations" [THEORY- Foundations]

  • Laurie Ayres, MS, LAc (UK)

"Yang Dynamics in the Shanghan Lun: Lines 176, 225, 350, 389" [THEORY- SHL Lines]

  • Roberto Hank, MD, LAc (Germany)

"Emergency Room Cases Treated with Shanghan Lun Formulas" [CLINIC- Case Studies]

  • Stephen Bonzak, MS, LAc (USA)

"Comparison of Formulas to Treat Upwards Surging Qi" [THEORY- Formulas]

  • Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc (USA)

"On the Descending properties of Fuzi (Aconite) and Wuzhuyu (Evodia) and their Role in the Treatment of Common Chronic Disorders" [THEORY-CLINIC- Herbs]

Saturday 04/30- Sunday 05/01/11-9 AM- 5 PM

Main Event with:

  • Zeng Rongxiu, MD (China)

Shanghan Lun Master of the Tian Lineage

Honorary Director of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine

"Shanghan Lun Pulse Diagnosis and Case Studies" [THEORY-Diagnosis/ CLINIC- Case Studies]

  • Wang Huanan, MD, PhD (China)

Professor, West-China Health Science University

"Case Studies of the late Dr. Zheng Guanglu" [CLINIC- Case Studies]


Registration Fees: 

Full Conference Early-bird Rate (before 02/01/11)

Students: $325
Practitioners: $425

Full Conference Regular Rate (after 02/01/11)

Students: $375
Practitioners: $475

Pre-Conference Day Only Rate: $200
Main Event Only Rate: $350

Registration will be happening through: Please visit the website.

24 NCCAOM and California CEU's Pending


NW Portland Holiday Inn Express and Suites

2333 Northwest Vaughn Street, Portland, OR (503) 484-1100

Dr. Zeng and many of our speakers will be staying at the same hotel, as such it creates a great atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to network, meet interesting people and soak in the wisdom. Conference room rates will be $99 for a double. The hotel rooms are clean and nice and the rate is about $40 below regular rates. Please contact us to book the hotel since we are making a group booking. Email:

Make sure to mark your calendars! You really can't miss this event. The information and the atmosphere will be amazing! Thanks, Arnaud 

Also, please visit this year's conference sponsors:




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