Portland 2011 Canonical Chinese Medicine Training- Jingui Yaolue Sequence

It is decided! ICEAM is offering one more round of the Jingui Yaolue training in Portland, OR. After this offering, the Portland institute is going to take a few years break from offering training sequences.

The dates are as following:

Weekend 1: Jingui Yaolue Diseases, Part One:  Sept. 3-4, 2011

Weekend 2: Jingui Yaolue Diseases, Part Two: Oct. 8-9, 2011

Weekend 3: Jingui Yaolue Pulse Diagnosis: Nov. 12-13, 2011

Weekend 4: Jingui Yaolue Abdominal Diagnosis Fukushin: Dec. 3-4, 2011

Weekend 5: Jingui Yaolue Case Studies: Jan. 7-8, 2011

For registration details, please refer to the attached form.

For program details, please refer to the attached course description.


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