Food Allergies

Hallo Everybody, would like to ask for help and comments.


34 year old women. Suffering from a lot of food allergies or intolenance. She shows reactions from mild rashes with itching, tongue swelling, stomach pain to real anaphylactic shock. Symtoms get more severe in the evening, starting from 6 p.m.

Temparature: she suffers from cold extremities with a heat feeling in the head

Thirst: a lot, only feels quenched for a short time

Bladder: blocked urination, thinks she drinks more water, than she passes urine, has to go several times, does not feel like fully evacuated the bladder 

GI: easily feels full, a lot of abdominal pain (cramping quality), bloating,  beanlike defacation

Menstruation: a lot of blood loss, clotted blood and tissue

Further Symptoms: Chest fullness, Palpitations, Retching 

Abdomen: water splash, hard pi, slight pulsations, tender and hard under the right rib arc, slight oketsu, pencil drop

Puls: left cun superficial weak, left guan deep thin and weak, left chi slightly tensed in mid-depth

right cun  slightly slippery in mid depth and rolling upwards, left guan deep thin and wiry,


I thinks she shows a lot of yue yin (wu mei wan) but also water metabolism signs of blockage of the bladder.

Thanks for help