One more case of MS

Hallo everybody,

I would ask for your help and comments.

51 year old man. Suffering from MS for more than 15 years. At the moment
the main complaint is the weakness  and the dysaesthesia/paraestesia of the of the right leg. Normally all the symptoms dissapeared after cortison shots, this time this medication was without improvement. Becaus of this he is very nervous and anxious. He fears to end in the wheel-chair. He suffers from mild urge incontinence and erectile disfunction. 

Appetit is good, thurst is normal. He is rather freezing, accentuated at the feet.

Pulses: right guan is weak, left cun is hollow  in middle and deep position, left  chi is tight in middle depth.

Soft tissue.  Oketsu and pulsations.

The skin is very dry.


Thanks for your help.