She is cold.

Hallo everybody.

I would like to ask for your help.

37 year old female. Suffering from feeling cold and exhausted since adolescence. She dresses herself very carefully and uses hot-water bags at night, which she renew at least one time. Her sleep is very superficially. She is nervous. She suffers from urge symptoms of the urine bladder, which aggravate with cold weather. Recurrently she feels abdominal discomfort with bloating, followed be the feeling of having caught a cold. Appetite is normal. Thurst is normal, but she avoids to drink  in the afternoon and evening to prevent herself from visiting the toilet in night times. When she work a lot or is feeling pushed she start to sweat under the axilla.

Pulses: left cun: does not lift the finger, left guan is week and tensed in the deep layer, left chi is tensed and thin in the middle layer. right cun is tight in the superficial and mid depth and the right guan is weak. 

Abdomen: Water splash, hard pi, only some rikyu and oketsu, pulsations

A colleague already gave her dang gui si ni tang, sini san, and a modification of fuzi lizhong wan. Nothing improved in a crucial way. When she took 30 Gramms of fuzi (good quality) she suffered from severe side effects.


Thanks for your help