Chai Ling Tang, recurrent miscarriage and Antiphospholipid syndrome

I was wondering if you could possibly give me some advice on a formula Chai Ling Tang.
I read some research conducted in Japan and China in which Chai Ling Tang was used for women who were suffering from recurrent miscarriages and embryo implantation failure due to antiphospholipid syndrome.
I know to only prescribe a formula by TCM diagnosis, but the research was specific not to adjust the formula.
I am wondering if the formula can be taken although the presentation doesn't fit the prescription completely.
Or possibly do you have other suggestions?
I would be grateful for any ideas. Thanks!
***Some background:
I am 33, trying to conceive for the last 2 years and had a miscarriage about 1.5 years ago at around week 6-7 .
Irregular menstruation, minimal watery, pale or bright blood for up to 3 days, brown spotting 1-2 days, sometimes little clots.
I take my BBT, so I know that I often ovulate late (day 15-20).
Very emotional around ovulation and menstruation.
I feel cold very easily, don't have a very good temperature control. Easily affected by airconditioning and drafts.
I have a medium red tongue with a red tip, have teeth marks on my tongue, often missing the tongue coating on one or both sides, otherwise thin white coat.
I get headaches often enough, very tight shoulders.
Tight feeling around chest/ribs and often feel uncomfortable wearing a bra.
Sometimes lose stools.
Nocturia and frequent urination during the day, but pale urine.
Have to force myself to drink during the day but sleep with water next to bed, because I wake up thirsty. Occasional night sweats.
Dry skin and eyes. Pale complexion.
Low blood pressure and slow pulse, sometimes wiry. Often lower back pain.
I have a history of a relative low platelet count (my whole life),
pre-cancerous cells on cervix at 20 and 22 and had laser surgery (I also had an IUD then), another suspicious pap smear at 28, but only TCM treatment followed by neg result.
History of cystitis every couple of weeks age 22-29.
Had a Pulmonary Embolism at 22/23 after a couple months of taking the contraceptive pill, but was negative for Lupus, but that's all they checked then.
I was pregnant at 27, but had an abortion at 6-8 wks.
About 6 months ago my blood tests revealed elevated IgG and my Gynaecologist said I have antiphospholipid syndrome in which my body rejects the foetus and makes little blood clots in the uterus.
I probably tend to a sluggish Thyroid and have exhausted my adrenals.

One more case of MS

Hallo everybody,

I would ask for your help and comments.

51 year old man. Suffering from MS for more than 15 years. At the moment
the main complaint is the weakness  and the dysaesthesia/paraestesia of the of the right leg. Normally all the symptoms dissapeared after cortison shots, this time this medication was without improvement. Becaus of this he is very nervous and anxious. He fears to end in the wheel-chair. He suffers from mild urge incontinence and erectile disfunction. 

Appetit is good, thurst is normal. He is rather freezing, accentuated at the feet.

Pulses: right guan is weak, left cun is hollow  in middle and deep position, left  chi is tight in middle depth.

Soft tissue.  Oketsu and pulsations.

The skin is very dry.


Thanks for your help.


Multiple Sclerosis

Hallo everybody,

I would ask for your help and comments.

38 year old women. Suffering from MS for more than 8 years. At the moment the main complaint is the fatigue and exhaustion. She has some neurological symptoms like mild dysaesthesia/paraestesia of the fingertips, mild intermittend double vision and some urge incontinence. All the symptoms are getting worse on excertion.

Appetit is good. Thurst is very much increased ( at least 4 liters a day) and she has the desire for taking salty food and drinks. She is mildly constipated. She loves the summer and tends to freeze. Hands and feet are quite warm. Sweat is normal. She is subjects to colds. Sometimes she does not know, whether she caught a new cold or the symptoms are belonging to the MS.

Pulses: right guan is weak, left cun is weak in middle position, left guan and chi  are wiry  in middle depth.

Abdomen: Oketsu. All other signs very discete :Only very  mild water splash, pulsation above the navel, rikyu and costal arch discomfort.


Thanks for your help.


What is Di Dang Tang Pulse, Tao He Chen Qi Tang pulse??

Hi! I recently attend my first week of SHL class, however I am not up to the pulse class yet. I come across a female patient with hard palpatable lower abdominal mass mainly in the center but extend bit to the left side around ren 3, st 28-29 acupuncture point area. Patient mainly feel the pain and discomfort on the left side more than the center.  The discomfort and pain occur just before and though out mensturation. Beacuse of the abdominal mass, she have to go to toilet for unrination very frequently, there is no inhibit urination.  From my limited pulse reading skills, her pusle are slightly slow, thin & wiry. Patient said her slow heart rate is because of her cardiomyopathy 11 years ago. Can anyone help me out with the pulse different between Di Dang tang and Tao He Chen Qi Tang?
I am thinking about this 2 formular becuase the lecture mention mid abdominal masses use DDT and on the left use THCQT. Thank you!!! 

Dr. Heiner Fruehauf's newest article on the safety of Aconite

As Aconite is gaining popularity amongst Chinese medicine practiotioners for its clinical efficacy and applicability in modern healthcare, it is also receiving more scrutiny from regulatory and other faction in society. To address the issues of Aconite's toxicity and to re-affirm the safety and efficacy when traditional processing is used and the right ethno-botanical species chosen, Dr. Heiner Fruehauf has authored the following article.

Also attached is a previous article of his on Jiangyou Aconite and the Fire Spirit School in general. 

FuziHFinterview.pdf165.82 KB
fruehauf_aconite-toxicity.pdf264.12 KB

Bie Jia

Hi all, 


Just got back from the Jin Gui Weekend One in Chicago and I am wondering about Bie Jia. I know that most of the herbs in the Jin Fang are not prepared. I can get Bie Jia, stir fried. Should I keep hunting for Bie Jia sans any pao zhi?

 My specific application is for Sheng Ma Bie Jia Tang....





Skin condition/arthritis

Hi All,

I have a very interesting case that Zev and I have been seeing and I wanted to post it up on forum for feedback.  Zev might chime in with some of his case information. 


Patient is a female, 45.  

visit January 26, 2012-got sick in august, started after travelling to Europe. 


abdominal pain, rash, fluid filled
blisters, arthritis in knees. 
Canker sores in mouth under lips, whole body erupted in rash and
sores.  Lasted 3 weeks.  had to treat with Antibiotics, 


Started again 3-4 week ago.  Initially abdominal pain and
gastroenteritis. vomiting, cramping with food, diahrrhea. 

BM ok, soft.  abdominal pain severe, cant eat due to abdominal
pain.  One soft BM in am. 

Cycle was 3 weeks ago. 
Had 2 cycles in a row.  2
weeks apart. 

Pale, yellowish complexion. 

P: elevated cun, guan and chi weak, thready and


2-12-12 disease progresses from bowels-skin-joints.  colonoscopy last week showed intestinal ulcerations, white, flid filled.  no pus or blood in Bowel movements.  she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  she is doing a no grain diet to try and heal colon. 


pain with BM, hemmoroid, burning and rashy, irritated skin around rectum from prolonged diahrrea.  


skin is pale, yellow and sallow dry.  painful ankles.  painful to walk, sometimes has to crawl.  


started with bowels, nausea, vomiting for first week.  diahrrhea,  ulcerations in mouth started with onset.  


skin lesions started second week.  purple reddish eruptions on arms and legs.  crusted.  I will attach pics of the sores two days ago.  already healing.  s


3rd week arthritis onset.  ulcres are in mouth, trachea and colon.  





R- rapid, wiry, thin and tight, chi faint and weak

L-rapid, markedly thinner and weaker, more thready, esp chi.



thick dry bands of Rikkyu all along st/sp channel in abdomen.  very sensitive to touch.  pulsations Ren 8-11, st25

slack abdomen ren 6 area.  


she was given huang qin huang lian ge gen tang last week and did not see improvemnt with it.   any suggestions?









Dang Gui Si Ni Tang for Alopecia

Does anyone have experience using Dang Gui Si Ni Tang for alopecia? I have been giving a patient (male, 30 years old) DGSNT (16g granules/day) for severe alopecia over the past 3 months. Some symptoms have improved drastically. His complexion and lips have gone from purple/blue to a normal, healthy tone, he has more energy and is less irritable/anxious, and his pulse has changed from deep/weak/thready to moderate and wiry. However, his hair is not growing back at any detectable rate. Any suggestions on how to proceed? 

the use of moxa in heat conditions

Hello all, I am a student of acupuncture in holland and i'm writing a thesis on the use of moxibustion in heat conditions. This topic has already been researched by lorraine wilcox in the book the Power of Mugworth Fire where she als mentiones the Shanghan Lun, i quote from P33

An early representative of the school that prohibits moxibustion in heat
patterns is Zhang Zhongjin, the author of the Shanghan Lun (Treatise on
Cold Damage). An analysis of his works shows that Zhang felt that
moxibustion should only be used in yin patterns - repletion cold or
vacuity cold - and was inappropriate for yang exuberance and yin vacuity.
Zhang's ideas, including those about moxibustion had great influence
throughout the ages."

2 years ago we had a college from arnoud versluys on the core concepts of the Shanghan lun

i briefly summarize what i understood from it


-worshippers of the sun (sage faces south)
-worshippers of yang (heart is the emperor)
-Cold is the most damaging because we are warmblooded creatures. A human dies because of lack of yang.
-functionally oriented, not materialistic"

fever was explained as follows: "Fever is a response of the body to EPF invasion. Fever indicates battle
and is therefore in principle a positive sign. So fever is not the pathogen but your own yang.
This implies that clearing heat equals to attacking your own yang.
However it may still be necessary to clear the heat when the situation becomes
more critical when the heat gets stuck or the yang is insufficient to cope with the cooling effect of the opening &
sweating and may collapse. Hence sometimes it is necessary to attack the yang to save it "

My point is that these concepts, as i understand them, seem to lend themselves excellently to use moxibustion when the patient has fever.

-moxibustion moves qi, so it may help preventing the heat to get stuck
-also fever depletes yang and moxibustion supports yang i see no coflict there either, on the contrary.

two questions remain:

1. Was Zhang Jonging really against the use of moxibustion in heat conditions?

2. If yes, what is wrong with my understanding of the shan han lun concepts and / or reasoning that i write above?

my knowledge of the Shanghan lun is limited to this one college, and analyzing the works of Zhang Jonging is beyond my timeframe.

i very much appreceate your views on this

Thanks a lot


5 elements and zang fu

Hi Arnaud,

I work on the online course on the 19 lines right now and I'm a bit confused by your use of the relation zangfu / 5 elements. 

In some scenarios, its seems that the element is associated with organs according to the conventional model (eg. metal/lung-large intestine). And in other scenarios, the element is associated with organs according to the 6 confirmations model (eg. earth/lung-spleen/taiyin). And sometimes even both...

It's normal ?;)

Other question. Having so far no specific training on herbs or formulas, when I should take the  course « Chinese Formulas Lectures Series » ? During the Canonical Training or after all weekends ? Maybe before/after the « formulas families and modifications systems » ? 

Thanks !

Sorry for my bad english i'm « québécois »...