Allergic Rhinitis

Hallo everybody,

I would like you to ask for your help and comments.

34 year old man. Suffers from allergic rhinitis starting in march. Then the nose is closing and starts to discharge a clear, sometimes  secretion and is severely itching. He is very disturbed by this symptoms and tends to get depressed because of that. In the recent years he got high dose steroids and went abroad to avoid the symptoms.

Addomen:strong rikyu, water splash, pulsations above the navel, some oketsu with small nodules, tensed area under the navel

Pulses: he has a alternative type of pulsposition on the side of the wrist (where the yangming hand channel is running. The puls is slightly fast, ?superficial and tight.

The tongue is very red.

He rather feels to warm. Sweat is normal. Digestion is good. 


Thanks for your help.



Hallo everybody,

I would like you to ask for your help and comments.

35 year old man. Suffers from swelling and pain of the right knee. Had the same problems 1 year ago, when a arthroscopie showed a special kind of inflammation: pigmented villonodulere synovitis, kind of rheumativc disease. Then he got cortisonshots in the joint. Meanwhile he got the same symptomes in the right elbow; here also a cortisoninjection helped and in the right thumb. Now the right knee is swollen, slightly warm and painful on excertion. 

Very thin person, disposition to catch colds. Rather feels cold, sometimes suffers from hot flushes with sweat.

Pulses :

fast,left guan superficial weak, left guan middle and deep thin, wiry, left chi superficiallythin and tight, weak in middepth and in deep position. Right guan in middepth  and in deep position wiry and thin.

 Addomen:flat, rikyu

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Hallo everybody,

I would like you to ask for your help and comments.

75 year old women. Suffering from light-chain plasmocytoma. Because of that she is getting constant chemotherapy and developed a distal neuropathia of the feet with a feeling as if a rope would be  wounded around. Additionally she suffers from recurring diarrhoe.

Very thin and weak  person. Anemic.Appetite  and thirst are normal, sleep is usually good, sometimes disturbed by cramping of the calves. 

Pulses are fast, deep, thin, wiry

Addomen: weak muscles, kind of transparent tissue , oketsu and a lot of watersounds

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Recurrent Cystitis

Hallo everybody,

would like to ask for your help.

42 year old women. Suffers from recurrent cystitis.  It starts suddenly with without any announcement. Often after a stressfull situation, for example arguments with family members. Than there is an increased need for passing urine  and the urine is getting turbid. The pain is not to bad. She does not get a fever. She really complains about the her reaction, beeing so disturbed by this infection

Over all condition is good. No additional problems. Easily gets irritaded and nerved. She tends to feel cold on the feets and the lower back. Tendation to sweat is slightly increased. Appetite is normal, thirst is normal to slightly decreased. Gastrointestinal tract is all right, bowel movements are normal. Menstrual cycle is all right.

Abdomen: little rikyu, little bow tie

Pulses: left cun superficial weak, left guan wiry, left chi deep thin slippery and slightly fast

           right guan superficial slippery

I saw her 4 months ago and started with a combination of chai hu/huang qin and guizhi prescription. After 3 good months i reduced the dosis of chai hu and stoped huang qin. Now she got a new cystitis. The pulses above are  the ongoing ones.

Because of the pulses I gave her a non SHL prescription with huang bai. Think that she might need a baihe prescription on demand and a chaihu/huangqin and guizhi longterm.

Thanks or your help.



Food Allergies

Hallo Everybody, would like to ask for help and comments.


34 year old women. Suffering from a lot of food allergies or intolenance. She shows reactions from mild rashes with itching, tongue swelling, stomach pain to real anaphylactic shock. Symtoms get more severe in the evening, starting from 6 p.m.

Temparature: she suffers from cold extremities with a heat feeling in the head

Thirst: a lot, only feels quenched for a short time

Bladder: blocked urination, thinks she drinks more water, than she passes urine, has to go several times, does not feel like fully evacuated the bladder 

GI: easily feels full, a lot of abdominal pain (cramping quality), bloating,  beanlike defacation

Menstruation: a lot of blood loss, clotted blood and tissue

Further Symptoms: Chest fullness, Palpitations, Retching 

Abdomen: water splash, hard pi, slight pulsations, tender and hard under the right rib arc, slight oketsu, pencil drop

Puls: left cun superficial weak, left guan deep thin and weak, left chi slightly tensed in mid-depth

right cun  slightly slippery in mid depth and rolling upwards, left guan deep thin and wiry,


I thinks she shows a lot of yue yin (wu mei wan) but also water metabolism signs of blockage of the bladder.

Thanks for help





Client complaining of chronic infertility 2 yrs trying, IVF, PCOS+-ovarian drilling sep/11', occipital/temporal headache and marked neck tension+, fatigue, depression, amenorhea since coming off ocp 2 yrs-previous to this mense were 4 days/moderate/clots/little pain, previous sensitive to cold and wind prior to IVF, marked sleep disturbance esp getting to sleep but no dreaming, little reflux and pain in abdo at present from ovarian stimulation and recent procedure, bowels 1*every 1-2 days, sore/gritty eyes, night sweats, fatigue, poor memory, previous high stress job.

P: L-weak overall cun superfical/wiry, guan weak middle depth, chi deep wiry, R- wiry, superficial wiry cun, wiry/slippery mid/sup, chi deep. T: small, pale pink.

I have started treatment with acupuncture as she was unsure about herbs prior to re-visiting her psyciatrist for medication review. Would love some help with the pulse if anyone has time or suggestions on the pathology. The whole L pulse weak, R pulse wiry could point to xu lao so a XJZT variation may be good.

It seems L cun superficial would be gz, guan chaihu, chi fuling? or fuzi?, not sure about R hand pulses, cun XiXin?,  guan can be tianhuafen, gegen .  I haven't taken the pulse seminar yet so any advise would be greatly appreciated.


advise for a newbie- 32 yr old female patient

Patient is female 32 yrs old of medium build, main complaints H/A's, intermittent night sweats, stress, PCOS.

History of chronic H/A's since childhood, some head trauma as a child/multiple concussions, mainly occipital and eye/temples agg with stress, computer work, menses and wind exposure esp. if it is cold wind.  Also has chronc foot pain (1 1/2 yrs) post fall which caused damage to the the plantar plate ligament and some swelling of the bone, some difficulty walking and intermittent blue/purple discoloration remains- possibilty of regional pain sydrome.

Very sensitive to wind in general, trouble coping with hot or cold temperatures( hates the cold and can't warm up post exposure) and H/A's worse prior to storms. Dry lips-chap stick, dry mouth/throat needs  to have sips of water regularly and can get panicky without liquid for too long. There is some dizziness and nausea, some bloating after meals, mild bitter taste in mouth, acne, mouth ulcers and night time gas.

 Pulse as far as my limited ability can discern is thin and wiry and slightly rapid overall, L cun rolling up, little superficial and maybe little slippery or wiry,  guan wiry more middle depth, chi deeper and wiry. R rolling up, guan either wiry and chi is thin.  

 Menses regulated by OCP, 5 days bleed, pain but no clots for last few years, "cherry red" with some irritability/sadness around period and back pain every alternate cycle, is looking at having children in next 2 yrs, she has had no libido since being highly stressed 2 years ago and experiences fatigue. She smokes and drinks wine regularly to relax and cope with stress.

 Appetite, night sweats, dry lips and need for wetting mouth have imp a little with WJT (2 weeks)and recurrent mouth ulcers have been successfully treated with GCXXT. It seems a complex of blood and yang deficiency with lots of stagnation. The Shaoyang/Jueyin conformations seem most involved.  Any advise on formulas or clarification in symptoms complex would be much appreciated as there is so many knowledgeably practitioners on this site.  Some thoughts are cont'd WJT, DGSNT, DGJZT possibly combined with  LGZGT fir the rolling up quality on the cuns.


Thanks for your time, much appreciated,


hot flashes, sleeping disorders

Hallo everybody, would like to ask for help and comments.


48 year old women, suffering from hot flashes with sweating followed by chills every ten minutes. Severe sleeping disorders. Serveral times waking up with the same symptomes and additionally palpitations and slight fear. Appetite is normal, thirst is reduced, rather feels hot, especially on the palms. Tends to suffer from constipation. No menstruation after excision of the uterus because of bleeding problemes.

Pulses: right cun:  superficial , tensed, rolling upwards

right guan: hollow,  left cun:  superficial tight and rolling upwards, left guan : wiry in mid depth, left chi: tensed superficialy, weak in deeper depth.

Abdomen : soft, water splash, slight rikyu, pulsations, oketsu with little nodules, discomfort (softness) at the right ribs-arc, 

 Thanks for your help.


Practitioner in/around Palm Desert, CA

Does anyone know a CCM trained practitioner in or near the Palm Desert area of CA (this is near Palm Springs in southern california)?  This patient has COPD and would like to try acupuncture and herbs.  

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(510) 632-7801 

Guizhi Qu Shao Jia Shuqi Longgu Muli Jiuni Tang

Just got back from the Case Studies weekend and was going through my notes and I can't find dosages for GZQSJSQLGMLJNT in any of my notes from the 10 weeks. Can anyone help with this?




David in Atlanta