Practitioner in Dallas, TX

Hi folks,


Anyone know a Jin Fang Practitioner in the Dallas, TX, USA area?






Hallo everybody:

I would like to ask you for your comments  and help.

70 year old female patient. Suffering from nausea, dry reching and vertigo since many years. Most severe in the early morning, getting better in the evening around 6 p.m. No appetite, no thirst. Owerweight. Sometimes cramping pain in the right middle- to underbelly. Stools change from rather diarrhea to constipation. Feels sensitive to temparature extremes.Easily gets brethless on exertion. 15 years ago ad-drugs and psychopharmaka helped, now it does not help again.

Abdomen: soft, soft pi in the epigastrium, some oketsu

Pulses: weak,  right guan in deep level tight and weak, in mid level soggy, left guan tight and weak in mid- and deep level, left chi superficial and slippery

 Think of pi-prescription  or  wumei wan with maybe guizhi fuling wan because of the oketsu.

Thanks Alexander


Hallo everybody.

I need some help with a 74 year old male suffering from arrhythmia.

So far he has been treated with a western medicine cocktail, which did not improve the problem, but gave him cold limbs. I could reduce the amount of drugs. Now he is feeling quite good, the coldness of the limbs is gone.

In the past a TCM collegue gave him a high dose of kushen with zhi gancao. Under this medication the arrhythmia improved markedly, but did not disappear. He had no side effects of this bitter and cold prescription.

 Now he came to see me and asked for a possibility to get totally rid of this problem. Except of the arhythmia he has no other problem and is doing fine.

The Abdomen: slightly wet, some rikyu, weak pulsations between Ren 15  and Ren 9 and slight oketsu ( all discrete)

The Pulses: left pulses can not be felt after a removal of the radial artery for coronary replacement surgery

Right side: absolute arrhythmia  alternate with episodes of normokardia up to 40 beats, rather slow pulse, seldomly fast, right cun:  slightly tight and superficial with rolling upwards, right guan: hollow

I thought that guizhi jia longgu muli tang plus blood movers could be good.


Thanks for your help.



Stubborn Pain, Arthritis of the Fingers, Panvertebral Syndrom, Food-Allergies

Hallo everybody:

I need some help with a 65 year old female patient, who suffers from severe pain in the finger-joints ( some of the PIP-Joints are severely swollen and deformed). The whole vertebra is painful, sometimes the blockade takes her breath. In addition to this, she suffers from multiple food allergies andrecurring suddenly loss of energy. She is very thin and very nervous. Very sensible to touch.

The abdomen: soft, water sounds, some rikyu of the musc. rectus abdom. and a lot of oketsu

The  pulses: Left cun superficial and  tight, left guan deep and tight

                   Right guan is hollow and right chi is small and weak

 Thanks for your help.



Recurring Cystitis, Vaginal Mykosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrom

Hallo everybody,

 I would like to ask for advice: 60 year old female with recurring vaginal mykosis. Additional she suffers from recurring cystitis and very often she complains about cramping abdominal pain, which is enhanced due to antibiotics and antifungal medicine. She often suffers from diarrhoea, spontaneously and after antibiotics. She is very nervous and scared about getting a new infection.

The Abdomen: hard pi in the epigastrium, rikyu above the navel  and some oketsu on the right hand side at acupuncture-point stomach 24.

The Pulses: Almost not to palpate on the left side, only cun on the left is palpaple: also quite weak.  Right cun is sometimes soggy, sometimes slippery. Right guan ist thin wiry.

 I gave her gan cao xie xin tang with gui zhi fu ling wan, but that could not prevent a new onset of vaginal mykosis.


Thanks for your help.




a foggy brain

This is a 56 year old white female came to me for sinus symptoms, foggy brain, and inability to concentrate. She reported pressure in frontal sinus with swollen eyes, and she could never breathe with her mouth closed due to the blockage of her nose. However, she didn't have any mucous or sinus congestion, it was mainly the heavy sensation of her head, unable to breathe through her nose and the difficulty to focus.
She also had abdominal issues including bloated pouchy low abdomen related to constipation. However, when she had bowel movements, it was rather soft, not dry or hard, and was mixed with mucous at times.

She is tall and skinny, her skin is dry, everything about her is just dry, quiet, dark and low. Her pulses are wiry mostly on the top third, her right Guan is floating and big on the top and bigger in the middle depth.

left Cun -  floating, moderate
left Guan -wiry on middle depth
left Chi  ---wiry on middle depth

right Cun - floating, big, on top, bigger and wiry in the middle depth
right Guan -thin, wiry on top position
And we didn't learn the right Chi pulse yet.

Her abdomen is lax and ticklish with pulsation between CV 8 and CV 12 area.

I thought the most obvious sign from her pulse was right Cun, indicating GanJiang, and her left Guan was a ChaiHu pulse, and gave her ChaiHuGuiZheGanJiangTang. She reports her abdomen is much more in peace and her pouch is gone along with constipation, but there is no change in her fogginess, and she keeps checking her work over and over. Her pulsation is almost gone from her abdomen.
I am not sure what to do next about her fogginess. She mentions her joints are swollen with some signs of arthritis. The heavy sensation, swollen eyes, swollen joints, and mucous in her stool point there is some dampness, which may cause fogginess?
Thank you for your help.

Sally VanCura

Swimmy head; off balance and CFS

Hi all, hope you are well and have had a good summer!

I am struggling with a tricksie case of a lady 62 suffering with dizziness/swimmy head on the background of CFS and fibroids.Have been treating for 6 months with no great change!Embarassed I have attached a summary
and would be grateful for any feedback

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Here is a quick summary of this tricksie one

Female 62
presenting with:-
Off balance sensation for 2.5 years since labarynthitis episode
Chronic fatigue diagnosed 2007 but had been going on for a long time before
(Large fibroid 10cm + which asymptomatic)

Had a severe bout of labarythitis 2.5 years ago began with what seemed
like food poisoning, which developed into vertigo and spinning which went on
for two weeks, at the time the CFS was exacerbated.
She has not felt properly well since then. She has a continual sensation of
feeling drunk, off balance, 'woozey' 'as if my head is swimming' head feels
hot, distorted vision, can't focus easily, her eyes can get quite sore at times
and 'feel glassy' and also puffy around the eyes, 'bug like'. She can't move
too quickly or as her balance can be slightly off.
Her ears regularly get blocked and she does candle them regularly, and a lot of
wax comes out. (Have suggested she candles less). Also gets deafness that
varies in severity. 'Feel as though there is too much fluidy mucous in the
head!' She also gets a 'vibration sensation in the head and face' not really
tinnitus though; phlegm down the back of the throat.

Gets sore throats; also gets hot flushes

CFS - feels very fatigued a lot of the time, gets worn out
easily, (sleeps well though), limbs can feel very heavy. Energy poor.
Digestion: easily gets bloated, with a lot of gas,
Bowels: goes daily quite a lot of gas; reports neither loose nor constipated.
Large palpable fibroid; which fills the lower abdomen as a hard mass; she
experiences no pain or discomfort and has had it for many years.

NB an environmental factor to be considered is that she
lives in a house with two dogs and she thinks she is a bit allergic to them.
Change not negotiable!

This lower abdominal mass dominates the fukushin presentation. In addition
there is some rikyu around the umbilicus and to the right of Ren 8. Fibroid too
large to palpate for oketsu. Possible sl resistance under ribs on left. No 'pi'
and couldn't find splash (tho doesn't mean there isn't one!) and no pulsations.

overall seem quite soggy and weak to me
most prominent are the guan both of which have a sl wiry quality, more
pronounced on the Right as well as slippery soggy quality to both guan.
R cun usually at mid depth and soggy/ sl wiry ( would be pushing it to say its
rolling up for the bai he pulse or LGZGT) but can feel congested if still a bit
weak. L cun tend to be weak. R and L chi deep and soggy can be a bit wiry on
the left. Also Dong between R cun and guan, but this does seem to come and go.

So I have been working on the premise of MFire flaring, warming Taiyin fluids
so that warm water is accum on top. Her s/s consistent with chaihu based px,
and orinalllly the left guan was quite wiry, though abdomen not conclusive.
Because she has not reported hot urine, I have stayed with the CHGZGJT and have
also at times included LGZGT (also can get coughing when lying down) However I
am not certain the R cun is rolling up enough to warrant this approach.

Most significant underlying is the fibroid mass which must be affecting the
overall progress, just the sheer amount of blood involved to finance this blood
stasis fibroid surely must leave less available blood for circulation and nourishing
etc? Because this was not part of her main complaint i have only been nodding
to this with GZFLW added into the px. (I guess we would need insects to make
any real change on that front)

She has been taking herbs for about 6 months! The above tx strategy has helped
a bit at the time giving some spells of clear headedness, and changed the
pulses which were originally more wiry than I have described above; The chronic
fatigue has persisted and with the slightly more wiriness on the R guan I
changed tack midway to XJZT + GZFLW + GLXBBXT. She didn't seem to do so well on
this combo and the swimming head s/s got a bit worse and found she herself
gaining weight!?  So I returned to chaihu
based px, which although improved things slightly there have been no great
changes and after a three week break in the acupuncture she seems quite bad
again. Aaaah!

Thus, based more on the symptom picture of heat in the head
and eyes with continued sensation of loss of balance, I went for XCHT+BHHSS. Although
no reported hot urine, and no rolling up R cun pulse! She has only just started
this so no feedback yet, though I am concerned it maybe too cold for her.

Hence my appeal to the forum! : )  Where to go next?

The other as yet unexplored route is zhen wu tang which has
dizziness, but wondered if this would be ok at this stage??

If any of you have any ideas I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks! Katy

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314 formulas

does anyone have a complete list of the 314 formulas with ingredients and dosages-it would really streamline my study aproach

Looking for a CCM-trained practitioner in LA

Hello gang,

A family member is looking for classically trained practitioner in LA, Westwood or Century City areas. Please let me know.