Second Consultation

Dear Arnaud,

 I brought my mother to see you on July 14th and her pulse was the following: Left superficial first, deep weak second (wiry), dong between first and second; right wiry, second big.  You prescribed: Gui Zhi 9, Bai Shao 18, Sheng Jiang 9, Mai Ya 15, Da Zao 6, Zhi Gan Cao 6, Zhi Shi 3, Hou Po 12, Gua Lou 15, and Xie Bai 24.  She took the formula for a few weeks.  However, a couple of weeks ago I told her to stop taking the formula because her tongue coat was becoming increasingly greasy and gray, and a "stuck" feeling in her stomach more pronounced...Would you suggest that I continue giving her the same formula anyway or do you have a new one to suggest? 

Currently her pulse is: Dong between first and second on both sides, but more prominent on the right, rolling up on both sides, left cun floating and soft (as well as right cun), left guan thin wiry, right guan rolling sl. hollow, both chi deep and faint.  She still feels quite a bit of "stuckness" in the epigastrium sometimes after eating - seems like the Zhi Shi Xie Bai Gui Zhi Tang in the formula you prescribed would have addressed this?  Thanks so much for your help!

(List of current symptoms: right lower back/hip extremely stiff/painful in morning, localized itching with a slightly darker pigmented area on mid-back, stuck feeling in epigastrium esp. after eating greasy food, sometimes uncomfortable feeling in throat - hard to describe this.)

Thanks again!

Lisa Sloane

DGSNT safe for pregnant woman?

I have a patient who wants to be pregnant.  She does not feel much of coldness in her body, but her hands and feet are always cold.  She wears socks when she sleeps even in summer.  Her pulse is deep huan on R,L cun guan, deep thin wiry on both chi.  I'm thinking about DGSNT for her but not sure if she can keep taking it if she becomes pregnant.  I would appreciate your suggestions.

About my grandpa's case

My grandpa passed away last year.  I thought to share his case with you guys. He passed away quitely. There was no discomfort. When I changed his clothes after his passing, his body was soft. Before his death, he had a bowel of oat for breakfast.

In 2003, his feet touched pestcides used for fruit, ever since then his health deteriat. The feet start to rot. And we used barley grass plus other herbs to make a paste for him. It went better and healed.

In 2004, a month before my practice started in Sydney, he started to show sign of Parkison. I used moxibustion and acupuncture on the various points such as Shou san li, Zu san li. It went really well and tremours all stopped. Because of commitment in Sydney, I had to rush back.

A couple of months later, when I went back and saw him, the Parkison worsened . His upper trunk bent forward with no strength to support himself. I did moxa and acupuncture on his Ming Men, Shen Shu, Da Chang Shu, etc. His can full erect his upper trunk. 

Because grandpa lived in Taiwan, I can hardly do anything for him oversea. With insistence of my brother ( he is a doctor in Sydney), and the fact he cannot tolerate the taste and smell of herbs, so grandpa is on medication for Parkison since 2006. In another words, he did not give me much of chance.

In 2007. he had fall from the bed, bruises on face everywhere. I used Qi Li San. The bruises clears off within a week. At this point, grandpa has bit more trust in my herbs.Laughing


In 2008, grandpa had a fall, because the doctors in Taiwan are against using of Chinese herbal medicine, so nothing is given. 


In 2009, grandpa started to have episodes of shock and experience four times cardiac arrests, many times of asthma, with cardiac arrests we knock him back to conscious ( Shan Zhong point ). I gave him Ma Fu Jian Zhong Tang and moxa to sustain his life. He found the herbs give him energy and sleep better. In his words, " the whole person is refreshed."Smile

He started to have dark droplet appearing on the face, bit like moles. My diagnosis is water counter act on the earth Yang Ming. Like in a cracking pots, the water essence started to leak out. I told families grandpa has not much time left. 

Grandpa passed away one morning in April. I visited him in the hospital the morning. He was chewing something with mouth open, and saying the someone give him candy. He is clear minded and had a bowel of oat for breakfast. Before he passed away, he told the nurse he wanted to poo. The next moment he is gone.

Althoug I am sadden by this, I am happy that he passed away with no pain and any intrusive medical instrument on him, maybe just the IV drip. It was not easy, having seen so many people passing away in hospital in agnony, he was peaceful when he died at age of 91. There was no relics after his cremation. Seeing his body so soft after death, I was expecting a relic or two.

It has been a year, and sorrow passed, thought to share with you guys on this.

A. Chang


Ma Fu Jian Zhong Tang
Ma Huang12g
Fu Zi 60g
Zhi Gan Cao20g
Da Zao60g
Gan Jiang20g
Yi YI Ren20g
Dong Gua Ren15g
Lu Geng12g
Gui Zhi20g
Bai Shao60g
Mai Ya And Gu Ya15g
Brown Sugar20g
Ren Ginseng 40g

This is merely a brief summary of the events taken place over the years. There are some subtle details that can't be covered fully, especially the last days of grandpa's life. Having this expereience makes me understand that regardless how much you think you know about Chinese medicine, true test lie within cares for one's own family.   






Xie Xin Tang Repost



I posted this in the Fukushin forum, but I did not get a response, so I thought I would try here. 

I am working out how to make  extracts of DHXXT and FZXXT.I know the Da Huang and Huang Lian are steeped to extract the bitter from the herb to descend in DHXXT.  I am wondering if the Huang Qin in Fu Zi Xie Xin Tang follow the same preparation guidelines as the DH and HL. In this case, I would take the extract of Da Huang Xie Xin Tang and add it to Fu Zi and Huang Qin extract, or would the HQ also be only steeped (only) with the DH and HL as well?

Really, this comes down to the function of Huang Qin to the formula. Any thoughts as to why JJZ felt it necessary to add HQ instead of just adding Fu Zi to Da Huang Xie Xin Tang. Essentially, why is the HQ necessary with the addition of FZ?


Many, many thanks in advance.




SHL Line 29 Gancao Ganjiang Tang- erroneous use of Guizhi Tang

How can I know, that this is not a "tai yang is opening too much scenario" with a lost of yang and physiological fluids, which led to hypertonicity of the muscles and gui zhi tang would be all right?

Line 29 :When in cold damage, the pulse is floating and (there is) spontaneous sweating, frequent urination, heart vexation, mild aversion to cold, and hypertonicity of the feet, but Guizhi Tang is given in order to attack the exterior, there is an error.

Fu Zi and breastfeeding


  There is some confusion on the use of fu zi while women are breastfeeding.  Some say it is perfectly okay as long as the condition calls for its use.  However, many books state, with some hesitancy, that the baby may suffer from the ingestion through breast milk.  I cannot seem to find anyone that really knows what they are talking about in this case, so I bring it to  you.


Thank you,

Chris Powell 

Migraines, Allergies, Acid Reflux

Hi all,

I just finished the Jing gui series, and anxiously await the Shang Han lun series next year.  So knowing minimal about the Shang Han Lun I could use your expertise to help me navigate the following case:

32y.o female with the following symptoms:

-migraines-started in college.  come monthly usually day before or first day of menstruation.  felt bilaterally in parietal area and behind eyes.  accompanied with nausea.

-allergies- year round, lead to itchy eyes, intense weekly sinus headaches, asthma and bronchitis. moderately maintained with daily zyrtec.

-acid reflux- onset in childhood related to structural abnormality with esophagus.  moderately maintained with daily prilosec.

-digestion- alternating constipation and diarrhea

-needs lots of sleep, but wakes sporadically during night.

-cold feet

-frequent urination

-poor short term memory

history:  Intense training as gymnist in childhood.  Suffered 4 concussions from being dropped on her head.  On oral contraceptives for last 14 years (recently discontinued in order to try to conceive). 

Pulse: left: thready tight floating weak.  chi: faint.  right: thready tight and weak. dong between cun and guan.  chi: floating, faint.  Both cun could be felt up into thenar eminence.

Abdomen: bloated and soft.  hard pi.  rikyu lateral to umbilicus.  bilateral oketsu.  pencil drop.

I'd appreciate any insight any of you may have on how to approach this case from a Shang Han lun perspective.

Thanks in advance,


Official Announcement: Dr. Versluys' Clinic Has Moved!

Effective as of today, Acupuncture Associates of Oregon and the clinic of Dr. Arnaud Versluys is moving to NW Portland. Dr. Versluys will be practicing out of Jade Acupuncture on 1920 NW Lovejoy Street, Portland, OR 97209. Please call (503) 417-1774 to set up your appointment.


The Acupuncture Associates of Oregon website will be updated soon. (and so will the Jade website)

Kumiko Shirai, MS, LAc will continue to practice out of the clinic on SE 59th. Her number remains (503) 841-5781.


Jing Fang Practitioner in Australia

Hi all,


I have a request for a Jin Fang practitioner in or around Melbourne, Austrialia. Any suggestions? 





Large Mass around SJ 17

I know I am still taking the SHL series, but this case probably fits better here. Hoping for some help. Patient had triple negative metastisized breast cancer. Currently in remission.

 Last year patient was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent chemo and radiation. Several months later patient developed hard mass below TMJ, on SJ 17. Patient was then diagnosed with metastasized cancer around her lungs (not sure exactly where as I did not see the report). Patient underwent "conventional" treatment along with Acu and Herbs. Patient current dx is that cancer is in remission, however patient still has large mass around SJ 17. Mass is raised and very hard and very painful. Mass has shrunk with treatment, but I would like to get a handle on how to treat masses with this system.

 Patient was on  Chai Ling Tang (Xiao Chai Hu Tang + Wu Ling San) + Tu Bie Chong + Lu Feng Fang. Pulse was wiry in both guan positions and floating rapin in left cun.

Current pulse: Left: Cun: Thin, wiry, rapid. Guan: Slippery rapid. Chi: Deep, tight. Right: Cun:deep, Guan: wiry at mid level. Chi: deep tight.

 BM: Normal. Energy good. Patient has history of not being able to sweat most of her life, but now sweating is normal. Urination: Normal.

 Please advise. Thanks so much in advance.