Referral needed for Meniere's Dz case in San Diego

Hi there,

I am needing a referral for a practitioner down in San Diego for one of my patient's nephews who has Meniere's Disease. Thanks in advance.


Migraine & Prolonged Menstrual Cycle

I have a 40 yo female patient who's chief complaint is migraines x 17 years.  Her migraines typically start behind left eye and after a few days will switch to right eye.   Sometimes they start at vertex of head.  Worse exercise, exertion, stress.  Face gets clammy after stress, which can trigger a vertex HA that has throbby pulsing sensation.  Managed with medication (propanalol).  She is overweight (by 80 pounds) and also has prolonged & irregular menstrual cycles (35-45 days) that are heavy and clotty, dark blood, but not crampy.    Energy on low side, moods tend to depression, drinks ton of coffee a week, limbs feel weak, and gets shortness of breath, generally feels warm.  BM normal. No nausea or digestive issues.  No coldness of extremities. Right heel pain dxd as plantar fascitis worse with inactivity.  Noticed dry skin on legs and ankles.  

Pulses (my best attempt at describing.. still learning):  

Left cun: slippery rolling upwards and whole left pulse (cun, guan, chi) has deep soft faint quality.  

Right side:  overall deeper than left.  Right cun:  slippery rolling upwards, deep soft.  Left guan: deep slippery.  Right chi: deep faint.      

I've treated her with acupuncture which helped reduce frequency of migraines and they seem to only appear with onset of menses now.  She is now open to herbal therapy and I'm just wanting some guidance to main txmt approach.   Headaches seem jueyin type...  Should I start with something like Wu zhu yu tang although my pulse read doesn't seem to confirm a wu zhu yu pulse type of tightness on deep level, but more of a fu zi pulse.  Or should I approach with a Jin Gui formula like Wen Jing Tang which could help her cycles? Getting myself confused here.  

Thanks for any advice,



Connect with other 2011 Zeng Rongxiu conference folks??

Hey everyone,

I was very gratified to meet everyone this weekend - it was like reconnecting with long lost family, truly! I realized that I didn't really get the contact information for everyone I might have liked to connect with - so hoped the forums might be a good place to start a thread to share contact information.  As I understand it, only registered users have access, so we should be reasonably protected.  :)

I'll start:

I'm Eric Grey, from Portland, OR.  I have a clinic in SE Portland called Watershed Community Wellness : www.watershedcommunitywellness.com

I also teach herbs at NCNM : www.ncnm.edu

I also run the site Deepest Health which is currently undergoing a renaissance : www.deepesthealth.com

You can reach me by email at eric@deepesthealth.com or eric@watershedcommunitywellness.com.  I'm happy to meet up with and even host any of you when you're passing through town, and definitely hope to see you all online, and in person again at future events.

Oh!  You can also connect with me on Twitter : www.twitter.com/pylonian and Facebook (I comment on the ICEAM page sometimes, and also administer the Classical Pearls Facebook page, so I should be easy enough to find.  

Referal in Germany

I need a referral for a 78 yo woman in Frankfurt suffering from complications after treatment of lymphoma



Five Evils


 This question is from a couple of months (weekends) ago, but I have been studying the Five Evils, which I think were from the Nan Jing. This information is proving to be an important link between ZZJ herbalism and my teacher's Nan Jing Acupuncture. 

 Which Difficult Question(s) outline the five evils?


Thanks so much in advance 




skin condition with big pulse

Gentleman in his 80s. Had surgical excisions for skin cancer and extensive grafting decades ago from work in hot climate.

2 years ago his wife died and very stressful time. Eruption of large nodules red very itchy all over body, diagnosed as 'prurigo nodularis' Treated with internal and topical steroids, now nodules hardly visible, just red patches all over with still quite intense itching. 

No other symptoms apart from slight benign prostate problems. No abnormal thirst, bowels normal (no constipation) temperature normal.

Pulse uniformly big and 'hard' is the only word I can use, as if the artery walls are hard. Could be 'hide like' but I don't understand how a pulse can be big and wiry? I wouldn't describe this as wiry as it's wide and .....hard (not tight). And very strong at the superficial depth through to mid-lower depth. And knotted but not hasty/rapid. Slightly less big rhs and rt chi a bit deeper and a definate dong between rt guan and chi.

This can't I believe be a flooding pulse... no thirst constipation etc and chronic.

So has to be ministerial fire within blood ? and how to treat. I'm considering zhigancao tang but this may be utterly off the mark. I still don't understand much about wu mei wan so whether that would be applicable? I suspect not. And what's the significance of that dong which would be between yangming earth and sanjiao/pericardium ?? considering this as a shanghan problem.

Ideas anyone please.

thanks, tony 

Xi Xin Dosage in Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang



Last weekend we studied Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang as the Jin Gui formula for asthma. I am making a batch (using the traditional dosages) and have a question about dosing Xi Xin. I was always taught in TCM school never to go above 3 g of Xi Xin per day. Any similar thinking here? Or this this another Fu Zi dosing problem, where if the Fu Zi is properly prepared (no Dan Ya (CaCl2)) I should be fine.


Thanks in advance.



a case of neck pain

Hello gang, 

I've been treating a woman in her late 30s with intractable left neck pain. She thinks it's an RSI. She can only abduct her left shoulder up to 90 degrees and after that she feels pain and tightness at her left lateral neck around say, ST 12 area. Also when she abducts, the scalene muscles of her left neck become prominent and taut vs. her right side. See attached pic. She is otherwise healthy but has a history of high cholesterol, night sweats, cold extremities, occasional constipation and insomnia. Her left neck is swollen and tender at the base. There is also a benign bone growth at the medial end of her left clavicle. She's had the neck pain for several years now and has failed conventional biomedical treatment.

Her pulse is submerged, feels like I am feeling it through cotton, very deep chi, slightly fast. Tongue is slightly dusky, yellowish greasy in the back.  

 I have been able to significantly reduce her discomfort with acupuncture and am now mulling the herbs. 

I feel like her pulse, tongue and history is pushing me toward Tao He Cheng Qi Tang but her accumulation is not in the lower Jiao.  Ideas? Thanks in advance!


Left neck

Left neck

Left neck

Interview with Dr. Versluys by Michael Max from classicformulas.com

Part two of the interview which Michael Max, renowned practitioner and author, and host of ClassicFormulas.com conducted with Dr. Arnaud Versluys.In the interview Arnaud discusses multiple issues surrounding the study and practice of the Shanghan Lun.

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