Practitioner Recommendation in Sydney, Australia

Hi there,

Two of my patients will be moving to Sydney, Australia this month and are interested in continuing to work with an acupuncturist and herbalist.  If you know of anyone you recommend who is also knowledgeable in the Shang Han Lun style of herbal medicine that practice in or near Sydney, Australia, I would really appreciate your referrals.

Thank you!

Susan Ko, L.Ac. 



severe back pain

lady, late 60s, back pain severe enough to cause distress & despair over the last several years though the origins are some 2 decades ago initially brought on through overexertion but no major trauma. The latest episode has lasted some 2 years; she's had acupuncture and osteopathy with variable results. The pain originated in the right sacro iliac but can affect the whole lumbar region. No MRI, my opinion & that of the osteopath is that the pain pattern is too variable & mobile to be due to a single disc pathology. The rhs musculature is tight but not spasming . The only thing that made a major difference was having a hysterectomy, though that benefit has now disappeared.

pulse somewhat slow: lhs: cun floating tight quite big; guan  mid depth wiry/tight; chi deep slightly tight.         rhs all weaker than lhs: cun floating slightly wiry, guan mid depth wiry, chi deep wiry.

abdomen generally lax, colder sub costal, no pulsations, slight sign of blood stagnation only.

My thoughts are on convulsion disease hence in this forum section, but there is no fever, aversion to cold, thirst or urine abnormality. And it's very chronic. I think along the lines of a mahuang formula, gegen tang would apply to hard convulsion however the rhs guan is wiry not slippery - more baishao I think. The lhs guan could be a muli, there's no evidence of shaoyang to me.

So I wonder about, say, ggt + tianhuafen and muli i.e. ggt + glgzt + glmls kind of structure. Or maybe I should move away from convulsion & just think mht but there's no other cold or surface signs.

 Maybe I should be thinking gzfzt type formula re chronic nature & absence of external though she is lively & full of energy when not pulled down by pain. ????

Thoughts anyone please.... thanks, tony 

fu zi for wu tou-swap?

how much fuzi in place of wu tou in wtgzt


I realize that I have not taken the Jingui series, but I was studying some of the formulas I am wondering about getting Rongyan. My usuall suppliers don't seem to have it. Any thoughts on bulk herb sources or substitures? Is there an altnerantive name that I am missing. I have not checked Bensky, but I could not find any reference to it in Chen,


Many thanks in advance.


David in Atlanta



ME patient, feedback for Arnaud & my fellow students

Hello Arnaud & colleagues

This 26 y.o. lady came to the clinical day in November '11. She had been on chgzgjt long term & had made good progress until a setback with symptoms of dampness.

Arnaud,  you diagnosed above plus lgzgt, an elegant solution I thought at the time, and indeed it proved to be so; within 2 weeks of new bulk herbs formula the body aches had all but gone, the dizziness gone completely, general energy much better. Great christmas prezzie for her.

I will keep her on that formula for at least a month (still some pulsations above umbilicus though definitely reduced), having learned my lesson about not jumping the gun too soon, and when pulse shows required change only then put her onto Si Jun Zi Tang (only joking !! call off the death squad) or as we call it, dgjzt + zwt



Kidney cancer with lymphatic metastases

Hi everyone,

been treating a female patient aged 50 with kidney cancer that has infiltrated several other parts of the trunk since end of July. In January 2009 when going to the bathroom at work she suddenly found herself urinating blood, was rushed to hospital and they resected a renal cell carcinoma with 15cm in diameter (the wohle right kidney was removed). Unfortunately it had already spread. Now there are two main sites of trouble: Right flank with intense pain that she needs morphium analogues for and right inguinal area, a hard rubbery lump that also blocks lymphatic flow and if she walks too much it easily gets hot and feels swollen and more painful. Of course she has received all kinds of medical intervention and is also on interferon. She came to see me to help with energy and pain management. The last MRT in Feb revealed several metastases in the retroperitoneal lymph nodes, uterine myoma, some fluid accumulations due to metastases. Main symptoms are pain and constipation and low energy, cold extremities, weight loss, as well as low blood pressure and yet rapid pulse. 

Throughout the treatment she received at first CHGZGJ with THCQT, and one she was out of Shaoyang I switched to a DGSNT+ DDT, later a WJT, Xiayuxue Tang, which helped only a little (and was a very large and ugly formula) and now back on a basic DDT with ZSSYS. 

This helped her in getting back more energy, keeping her weight steady and reducing the pain attacks she would get. However, this still seem to have no  effect at all on the inguinal blockage and the large right-sided oketsu which is due to the large myoma. 

Her oncologist has decided to be safe and give another course of interferon, which she has to inject herself for 8 weeks. She is now more tired again, much thirst, restlessness so that she wants to lie down, stool despite ShuDahuang and Zhishi @12g  ist still only every 4 days. Of course the morphine is not helping here.The pulse is rapid, weak and thin, both guan are wiry thin and about equal. L chi definitely faint. Both cun nothing too obvious. Abdomen is overal tight with rikyu but more of a dryness type, not the wiry rikyu. Cold spot at Ren12, massive oketsu on the right painful on palpation. The Inguinal blockage feels warm to the touch. Some laxness in the lower abd. Could not feel if there was a definite bow tie. 

I wanted to continue a SNS + DDT + FZ approach. Suggestions are most welcome. 



MS patient (came to clinic Aug and Nov 2011)

Since August she is on HQGZWWT+ ZWT. Her menstrual cycle is short, with
heavy and prolonged bleeding. Now she also developed bad cyctitis, which
coincided with the period. shall I continue with the formula
prescribed, or may be it is better to stop it and give something else to
clear the cystitis? is it ok to take ZWT during period?

Could this cystitis be the pathogen clearing via Taiyang Bladder Fu or is it Ministerial Fire stirred by FZ @45g?

any tips would be gratefully appreciated x

London ICEAM 2012 Canonical Training- Shanghan Sequence- DATES RELEASED

Attached please find the 2012 London ICEAM Canonical Chinese Medicine Training, Shanghan Lun Sequence dates and topics.

2012 is the first year that much of the training, developed by Dr Arnaud Versluys, will be delivered by his team of assistant-instructors from London. For 5 years, Dr. Versluys trained these three fine practitioners and lecturers to deliver his curriculum.

The whole program will be delivered through a team effort. Dr. Versluys will still come to London twice in 2012 (avoiding the summer olympics) and feedback/ Q&A will still be available online through the forum.

The program in 2012 is as following: 

Shanghan Lun Pathophysiology and Basic Patterns
25 – 26 February 2012 (Laurie Ayres and Imran Mohammed)

Shanghan Lun Pulses

19 – 20 May 2012
followed by clinical day 21 May 2012 (Arnaud Versluys)

Shanghan Lun Fukushin
28 – 29 July 2012 (Anthony Todd)

Shanghan Lun Formula Families
15 – 16 September 2012 (Laurie Ayres and Imran Mohammed)

Shanghan Lun Modifications and Shang Han Lun Acupuncture
October 20 – 21 2012 (Laurie Ayres and Imran Mohammed)

Shanghan Lun Case Studies
24 – 25 November 2012 (TBA)

followed by clinical day 26 November (Arnaud Versluys)

Please visit http://london.iceam.org/ for more info.  

AV 11-12 handoutv1d A4.pdf269.76 KB

Short article submitted to the 2011 Pacific Symposium

"Aspects of the Cultural Personality of Chinese Medicine and the Imperative Focus on the Classics"



This article was submitted to the 2011 Pacific Symposium in San Diego, CA. It attempts at unequivocally pointing out that studying the classics is not actually a choice rather than a necessity when being a Chinese medicine practitioner; and that not studying the classics sisgnifies the end of an individual practitioner's chances for self-improvement.


This lady in her 40s was just hospitalised with migraine, very intense, scans etc ok. now subsided with residual pain in temples (where the intense pain was also).

pulse: lhs: cun a bit superficial slightly wiry, guan deep thin expiring, chi deep faint

        rhs: cun a bit slippery more robust than lhs, guan superficial very wiry stronger than lhs

abdomen: hard pi ren 14 area, hot to touch rhs down abdomen, cold lhs subcostal and down abdomen - a marked difference between the two sides.

she also had cystitis at the same time with dark scanty burning urination.

and she's menopausal with irregular periods and flushing of heat upwards. 

I'm considering as a base formula dgjzt plus gzflw - why ? becuase the pulse esp rhs guan compared with lhs. and the mudanpi for it's bitter descending on that left side ?? I'm not happy to think of wjt because right now I think wrong strategy to heat blood wuzhuyu style. Bentun?

But then it looks like a xiexin - maybe unblocking the pi will lead to re-establishing normal descent  but the migraine is clearly flaring ministerial. 

And then there's the bladder pattern.

Unblocking the pi seems primary, I don't think I can combine strategies here, but I welcome input, something really obvious is eluding me here!

Thanks, tony