Official Announcement: 2011-2012 Seminar Dates for Canonical Training Worldwide

LONDON ICEAM- Canonical Training- Shanghan Lun Sequence
February 25-26, 2012: SHL Pathophysiology and Basic Patterns
May 19-20, 2012: SHL Pulses
May 21, 2012: clinic day
July 28-29, 2012: SHL Fukushin
September 15-16, 2012: SHL Formula Families
October 20-21, 2012: SHL Modifications + SHL Acupuncture
November 24-25, 2012: SHL Case Studies
November 26, 2012: clinic day
SAN DIEGO ICEAM- Canonical Training- Shanghan Lun Sequence
February 11-12, 2012: SHL 1, Five Flavors
March 10-11, 2012: SHL 2, Inner Circle
April 14-15, 2012: SHL 3, Outer Circle, part 1
June 2-3, 2012: SHL 4: Outer Circle, part 2
July 14-15, 2012: SHL 5, SHL Pathophysiology
August 18-19, 2012: SHL 6, SHL Pulses
September 15-16, 2012: SHL 7, SHL Fukushin
October 20-21, 2012: SHL 8, Formula Families
November 17-18, 2012: SHL 9, Modifications and SHL Acupuncture
December 15-16, 2012: SHL 10, Case Studies


CHICAGO ICEAM- Canonical Training- Jingui Yaolue Sequence 
February 25-26, 2012: JGYL 1, Diseases Part 1
April 28-29, 2012: JGYL 2, Diseases Part 2
Saturday 06/23-24, 2012: JGYL 3, Diseases Part 3
July 28-29, 2012:JGYL 4, JGYL Pulses
September 8-9, 2012: JGYL 5, JGYL Fukushin

November 3-4, 2012: JGYL 6, JGYL Cases 

There possibly will be clinic days attached the the weekends in Chicago.
MELBOURNE ICEAM- Canonical Training- Shanghan Lun Sequence
January 16-22, 2012: Five Flavors 2 days + Inner and Outer Archetypes 4 days.
September 29- October 4, 2012: Shanghan Lun Basic 2 days + Shanghan Lun Pulses 2 days + Shanghan Lun Abdominal Diagnosis 2 days
There will be two clinic days attached to each week of seminars.
FRANKFURT ICEAM- Canonical Training- Jingui Yaolue Sequence
May 10-13, 2012: Jingui Diseases, Part Two
August 2-6, 2012: Jingui Pulse Diagnosis + Jingui Abdominal Diagnosis
November 29- December 2, 2012: Jingui Case Studies
For info and registrations, please visit: www.iceam.org
For questions, please email Dr. Arnaud Versluys at aversluys@iceam.org

Jue Yin Closing and the Pivot

I have a couple of questions related to Kai, He Shu. On page 30 of the Wu Me Wan article you mentioned the possibility of permanently breaking the pivot. You mentioned breaking the Pivot by using bitter herbs. Are there other examples of breaking the pivot?
My reason for asking is that I have a 39 year old patient with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) that I have treating. 
Patient was on Clonazapan, a beta blocker, dDVAP (ADH) and estrogen. 
Her symptoms, unmedicated, included: tremors, insomnia, mental agitation profuse sweating and copious clear urination, weight fluctuation and no libido, cold and sleeping in fetal position. Blood work indicates abnormally high red blood cell count compared to plasma levels. 
I have been using Zhen Wu Tang jia Wu Zhu Yu.
She has eliminated the estrogen and is no longer experience the rapid weight loss. She is taking 1/2 the dose of Klonopin successfully. 
While on the beta blocker, immediately after taking the herbs she feels a warming sensation from her elbows downward, the profuse urination has stopped and urine color and libido returns. She has been able to eliminate the dDVAP as soon as I added Wu Zhu Yu to the formula 
When she eliminates the Klonopin and beta blocker the tremors return, she does not feel the same sense of warming in the extremities while on the formula, so it seems that the formula and the beta blocker are synergists. 
I suspect that things will be more clear after the pulse weekend, but I could really use some help knowing how to proceed from Tai Yin Opening to Jue Yin Closing. This person has been experiencing some level of POTS most of her life, so I know that it might take awhile. On the other hand perhaps this patient came to me with the Jue Yin "door kicked open" some years ago.
Please advise.
Many thanks in advance.

Wu Mei Wan and other Wans

I know this weekend is over, but since we covered Wu Mei Wan (adjusted) in this class I thought I would post here.

 The dosages for Wu Mei wan you listed int the handout was different than in other sources I have seen. I assume that you modified the dosages to work more appropriately for powder or decoction, but I wanted to see of there are any guidelines you use to do this. For instance, the dosages of Wu Me was higher than I have seen else where, but the dosage of the other herbs were lower. 

My reason for asking is that I do my own compounding and make concentrated liquid extracts, which yields the same raw herb dosages as when using a Tang, however this gets a bit more tricky when making an extract of a formula traditionally administered as a wan or san. Any guidelines you have would be helpful. Please advise. 






BTW, I have a couple of Menier's patients that present in TCM as Liver Yang Rising patterns that are responding really well to WMW extracts. I am thinking of makings T Shirt that says "Jin Fang Rules, TCM Drools."  8 ^ )




Status of fuzi?

Does anyone know if fuzi is currently not being allowed in the USA? I am seeing it dropped from herb company lists of medicinals. What's up?


New Intern Tips

Aloha all, I'm in my first month of clinic shifts here on Oahu, and would like to know if I could pick your brains about your first clinical experiences, and maybe some tips, or tricks you have learned along your path.  

Interview with Dr. Versluys by Dr. Reginaldo Filho of the journal Medicina Chinesa Brasil

Attached is the English version of the interview conducted with Dr. Versluys by the chief-editor of the newly founded journal Medicine Chinesa Brasil, based in Sao Paolo, Brasil. We would like to thank the editorial staff for their invitation and wish them lots of success with the new journal.

The journal website is http://www.medicinachinesabrasil.com.br/


Interview with Arnaud Versluys_MCB2_05-2011.pdf342.65 KB

Chronic Epididymitis

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I have a case of a 28 yo male with chronic epididymitis. He is about 4 months into pain. I started seeing him three weeks ago. At first I gave him GZFZT modified according to Dr. Tian for undescended testicles as he had a bit of a feeling of retraction (add CLZ 6 WZY 6 Juhe 9 Lizhihe 9). He experienced a positive change immediately so I decided to keep him on the formula.  His progress plateaued and seemed even to get worse if he missed a few doses of the herbs, so I increased the fuzi to 45g/day. He then had a bad week last week. Not sure if the change was due to exercise, a nocturnal emission (which in the past has caused flares), or just random. I decided to switch him to something that could get at deeper cold so I gave him DGSNJWZYSJT plus FZ at 45. His pain came down a bit again, but is still at the level of the first improvement. He is depressed about the ongoing pain. Everything else is WNL. His pulse in the right chi is slightly tight (an improvement), thin wiry in the cun and guan on the right side. His left pulses have come up with the formulas and is no longer deep and weak, but thin wiry. His abdomen has some rikyu and maybe a bit of weakness in the lower abdomen.


Any suggestions of how to get him to improve more? His mood is also quite low. Thanks.


Case Help

I am not sure which forum to place this in, so I’ll post it here.

Following case:

74 year male. Recently relocated to US from Japan to live with daughter. Stroke three years ago. Speech slightly impaired, trouble walking and 80% loss of use of left hand, with weak left leg. 

Complains of dizzyness, loss of balance, cold, constipation. Large dark macula on right leg and arm. Wrenching contraction on left side of neck primarily on ST, GB and SJ channels. Patient feels very cold with aversion to outdoors. Pulse deep and rapid. Tongue: deviated, thick yellow greasy coat. 

Patient was placed on Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li San in Japan.

After first acupuncture/moxa treatment patient felt warm and pulse was not full, bounding, but without force. Pain and tightening was 60% less. BM normal.

After second treatment, pain was reduced another 80%, however pulling continued and patient felt more cold. Dark macules about 80% gone on arms, about 45% less on legs. Pulses were again deep. BM normal -- large evacuation, well formed.

I would like to do herbs with them and I was thinking about a Chuan Wu Tang type formula, but would like help with a SHL, JG approach. Please advise.



He Closing

In the clinic, after resolving constipation I am getting people with sluggish (every other day) bowel movements. I am assuming that the pattern is moving from Yang Ming excess closing to an excess Jue Yin closing pattern. Would this indicate a Ma Zi Ren Wan (YM+JY) formula or something more strongly Jue Yin related?

I suppose implied in the question is does the "pumping" action of the Jue Yin PC include a direct action on the LI and peristalsis?  

Thanks in advance.